Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just being honest: I'm a quitter...

So last week I started a 7-day cleanse using Arbonne's 7-day Body Cleanse product.  I've been using some of their other nutritional support products and have been happy with the results.  This time however, I found one product that doesn't seem to agree with me. :(

When I started the cleanse I mixed the product with a quart of water and drank it throughout the day as it directs.  The first day was fine but by the middle of day 2 I started getting some GI distress which lasted until the following night although I didn't even complete the second day's quart.

Then, I spoke with my area manager about it and she said that her experience was that she needed to drink a full glass of water with each glass of cleanse solution and then she didn't have any problems anymore.  That's what I tried starting yesterday.  But, like last weekend, it has had the same effect.

It may be because I, uh, don't really need to be "cleansed."  I had a colonoscopy this year so I was pretty well "cleansed" then.  ;) Having celiac disease, I don't exactly have a problem in this area.  If, however, you have a poor diet and your GI tract is sluggish because of it, this may be helpful in getting things kick started as you begin to change your eating habits.

In all fairness, I have always been somewhat sensitive to these types of things so I am not completely surprised.  The ingredients contain herbals,  like cascara, that are known to cause these types of symptoms in people who are sensitive to them.    I know others who can easily use this type of product without any difficulty.  God bless them...

I am a quitter. I give up. I've had a bellyache for the past 30 years or more. I don't need to purposefully give myself one, even if it is only quarterly.  The remaining nutritional line, including the Protein shakes, Digestive Wellness, Immunity Boost, Fiber Boost, and energy boosting Fizz tabs,  has been excellent, easy to use, tasty and very well tolerated by my irritable old gut.  If you'd like more info on a customized nutritional support program, email me at glutenfree np at yahoo and I will be happy to help!

Now I'm going to go locate my heating pad...

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