Friday, April 27, 2012

7-Day "Cleanse" Day 1

7-Day Body Cleanse and Arbonne water bottle

Arbonne has a 7-day cleanse which consists of diluting an individually bottled cleanse solution in a quart of water and drinking it throughout the day for 7 days.  A monthly or seasonal "cleanse" is supposed to help "alkalinize" your system and get the "lead" out.  The idea is not to spend a week in the bathroom but to help support your liver and kidneys and get them running in their most efficient state in order to help your body eliminate toxins that may build up in your system.

A cleanse is also supposed to be a great way to kick start a weight loss program and/or a change in eating habits. I am not looking to lose any more weight.  Going gluten free and avoiding processed foods and sugar helped me lose the "baby weight" and "grad school weight" faster than I could have imagined.  More weight loss would border on ridiculous for me.  I think women need SOME curves!

I have, however, changed my eating habits and would like to change them even more. I still have a weakness for the ginormous bag of M&M's in my pantry (thank you DH).  And stress tends to make me reach for an extra glass of wine rather than a nice soothing cup of herbal tea. Just being honest.  So I'm going to take this week to focus on my eating goals and see how far I get. Baby steps.

Giving up everything you know and (think you) love and going whole hog on a new eating adventure may work for some people, but not for most of us.  However, most of us can take a week long time-out and pay attention to what our bodies are telling us about our food choices so that we may then begin to make steps toward lasting change.  And that's my goal.

So a little product review before I go.  I diluted my concentrate in lukewarm water this morning and tried a few sips.  The directions are to dilute in a quart of cold water but I don't like water cold. So mine is room temp and sitting on the counter. The flavor is reminiscent of herbal prune juice.  And that's exactly what it looks like. Sorta greenish brown water.  It's not particularly sweet but not bitter either. I've been told that once you begin to become more alkaline it will taste sweeter.  You can add some stevia extract, or even lemon juice I suppose, if you need help with the taste.  Overall I don't find it unpleasant at all.

I am also using Immunity Boost, which is an antioxidant and vitamin concentrate.  Kind of along the lines of the energy "shots" except no artificial stuff. And I tried the Arbonne Chocolate Protein Shake for breakfast. The immunity boost is fruity and dark orange.  It goes down easily. The pleasant surprise is the protein shake.  This was mixed only with water and had not only a good consistency, which you can adjust by adding more or less water, but it also had a nice, not overly sweet, chocolate flavor with no weird aftertaste. And no bitterness whatsoever. That has been one of my biggest complaints about other protein shakes.  Strange chemical aftertastes and bitterness. In fact, when I received my container from Arbonne, I went through my cabinet and threw out 3 other brands I had tried that I had bought and tried but couldn't stand the taste of.

I will say that, in general, I don't think making a regular habit of replacing any meal with a shake is a good idea. I believe in REAL FOOD as medicine.  But if you are kick starting weight loss or tend to miss meals and end up overeating because you have starved yourself, then a shake makes sense and can help support your goals.

Later that day...
I finished my requisite quart of "cleanse" around 5.  No ill effects.  It certainly helps you remember to drink fluids which I am personally terrible at.  I did indulge in 2, yes 2, M&M's.  I also ate a regular dinner.  Lunch was popcorn.  So perhaps my eating habits need a bit more tweaking... :) I'll be sure to post about this again later this week.

Good night Gracie...

Disclaimer: I purchased all of these products on my own. I do not receive any incentive from Arbonne to advertise the products. I am an Independent Arbonne Consultant and am trying to see how Arbonne's nutritional supplements can fit into my gluten free lifestyle. This is in no way an endorsement of Arbonne's products as treatment for any medical condition. Before embarking on any weight loss program or cleanse please consult with your medical provider to ensure this is safe for you to do. Although I am a nurse practitioner, I am not YOUR nurse practitioner!  Please be aware that herbal supplements CAN and DO interact with prescription and OTC medications and may cause adverse events if not monitored properly.  And please don't sue me. :)

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